The Experience

SYS has put a ton of effort into recreating the visual image of Lynyrd Skynyrd from the late 70's. We hope to take you back in time!

The Sound

SYS has studied and dissected the album recordings as well as the live shows to give the Lynyrd Sknyrd fans a very close replication of the incredible music that the band created. 

The Tribute

We are honored to pay tribute to the greatest southern rock band ever to take a stage. We are so very thankful to the current Lynyrd Skynyrd band for carrying on the music that has meant so much to all of us. Our goal is to recapture the tones and look from the late 70's lineup. We are always excited to see everyone and please come share this experience with us!!!


David Lee Flippo - RVZ

Mike Flippo - Guitars

Chris Quick - Guitars

JR Burnett - Guitars

David Terrell - Bass

Chris Macon - Drums

Tristan Dunn - Piano

Current Honkettes:

Sha Swindall

Sharlene Beatty


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